JAMES MERRIGAN is an artist and art critic. For the past decade he has promoted and prompted art dialogue and criticism in Ireland as a writer, editor and teacher. In 2010 he developed billionjournal.com, where he found the freedom to experiment with a more playful and polemical art criticism.

James was selected for EVA International Biennale of Visual Art (2014) as a fugitive art critic; he was Co-Editor of the printed quarterly on Irish art, Fugitive Papers; and was Guest-Editor of two issues of Visual Artists’ News Sheet in 2016. In 2011 he was awarded the inaugural Critical Writing Award by Visual Artists Ireland and Dublin City Council's The LAB. That same year he was selected for the FUTURES at the Royal Hibernian Academy. A book of his essays was published in 2013 titled Agents Of Subjectivism.

Recent projects include ‘Deep-Seated’ which took as its starting point the psychoanalytic promotion of the ‘talking cure’; and All or Nothing, a film that looks at the nature and nurture of painting. In April 2017 James launched Madder Lake, a limited edition publication that is a little naughty and scary and propagandises privacy. In recent years he has been given the opportunity to co-develop exhibitions like 'Soul–Beating' (2017) and DESTROY ALL HEROES (2018) in Gorey School of Art's Periphery Space. James co-curated Pallas Projects' 'Periodical Review' 2018/19. In November of 2019 he will launch and exhibit the results of his print and pulp project ARRANGEMENTS.

Alongside various writing and editing projects begun in 2018, including print [ORPHAN] and ideological [ARRANGEMENTS], James also returned to the studio this year to explore text as painting/painting as text in large-scale unrealised narratives that wallow in ecstasy and anxiety. 

James is part-time co-ordinator and lecturer for the MPhil module Psychoanalysis and Art at Trinity College Dublin, and he tutors documentary filmmaking and portfolio preparation at Gorey School of Art. He is currently delivering the ART WRITING course at Gorey School of Art which he designed in 2017.