All or Nothing (WIP) 

A Film on the nature and nurture of Painting

BY Saskia Vermeulen and Gareth Nolan

With James Merrigan



I am not a Painter

In the September/October 2017 'Painting Issue' of Visual Artists' News Sheet James Merrigan reflects on two years spent making (and unmaking) a film about painting.



I am in blood stepp'd in so far that should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er (William Shakespeare, Macbeth: Act 3)

This year’s National College of Art & Design (NCAD) undergraduate degree show had too much painting in it. There was nothing to offset the excess. This criticism is not really rational. It’s based on an expectation that I have formed over the last seven years reviewing the Dublin degree shows as an art critic. Until this year, I had become accustomed to seeing a lack of painting offset by an abundance of ‘everything else’. But whether dead or denied, painting’s rubber duck buoyancy keeps it forever bobbing on the horizon, waiting for the storm of commerce and technology to release its hold on the fickle art scene. Two years ago, a painter friend and I noticed a plastic duck cresting a new wave. READ the full article HERE


Here's filmmakers Saskia Vermeulen and Gareth Nolan and art critic James Merrigan reflecting on two years of making and unmaking a film on painting at Gorey School of Art as part of the painting exhibition SOUL—BEATING: PAINTING TOLD THROUGH THE LENS OF FILM. Filmed by Michael Byrne on the 4 August 2017.